Easy and Fast Loans Especially for Employees

Good Finance, Easy and Fast Loans Specifically for Employees – It is undeniable, increasingly, needs are increasing.

The price of online transportation continues to soar, the cost of children’s education is increasingly expensive, daily needs are endless, not to mention that savings are drained due to sudden needs.

Preparing a savings fund properly


But it seems you can’t keep blaming the situation, or the needs that are getting more and more. Could be, maybe it is your fault for not preparing a savings fund properly.

Well, unfortunately, the increase in daily needs is not offset by increases in monthly income, aka salaries in the office. Therefore, inevitably, extra savings must be run. Well … although that doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to make your life more comfortable.

For that reason, Sean Cole also tried to be present to provide the best solution for you, namely through the CoinEmployee product. This is a loan product that is easy and fast, specifically for employees.

At present, Good Finance has collaborated with other banks. Well, for more information, please refer to the article below, yes.

This loan can be used for anything?


You can use this Good Finance to meet your various needs.

Say, as additional costs for your marriage and your partner, for home renovations, emergency needs, school needs for children, purchase of goods, to other personal needs.

Whatever the purpose, Good Finance is here to facilitate you in carrying out your daily activities, without worrying about being haunted by cost issues.

Good Finance is a loan product from Sean Cole specifically for employees who need additional funds to meet various needs, namely for wedding funds, home renovations, emergency needs, children’s school needs, purchase of goods, and other personal needs.

Why Do Many Employees Make Use of Employee Coins?


  1. Fast and easy online submission : You can apply for an employee loan by filling out an online form. Then, you will get the submission status confirmation within 1 working day only!
  2. Unsecured : No need to worry about guarantees because Good Finance will not ask you. Thus, the risk of losing assets or collateral will be smaller.
  3. Loans without a credit card : Don’t have a credit card? No problem. With Good Finance, you can get a loan of USD3 – USD100 million, you know!
  4. Flexible with low-interest rates: We offer low-interest rates starting at 1% per month with a 6-12 month tenor.

What Documents Should Be Prepared? Documents required


(*) If the latest Family Card is not yet available, please attach a Family Card & Marriage Certificate (photo of the person concerned on the front cover)

Apply for Employee Coins Now!

So, what are you waiting for? Do not let financial problems help your daily activities and work. Leave it to us if you need an employee loan for the needs you want to meet.

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